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The Brewers Association is made up of brewers, with nearly 5,000 brewery’s and about 50,000 members across various spectrum’s of the brewing realm. They are all in support of one thing…to brew and share great, independent beer.

Let’s help them continue to turn the world upside down and #SeekTheSeal in support of Independent Craft Beer.

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Tap This

Tap This Brewery Logo RGB

Tap This Brewing Company . . . although I am a few more steps away from opening my actual brewery, I now have this awesome logo to plant as the seed and grow upon. My journey began nearly a decade ago, with the introduction to homebrewed beer my brother-in-law made. Then a few years later, a friend of mine, who brewed as well, walked me through the process. From there, my passion sparked and I’ve kept moving forward since.

Tap This Homebrew Logo
I will continue to post here with my journey to opening a brewery, and you can still check out my adventures in homebrewing on my Tap This Homebrew site –, and associated social media sites, @tapthishomebrew.


I look forward to having you along for my journey to brewing delicious beer and planning out my brewery.